Thursday, June 26, 2014

No, this isn’t Beyonce. But this drop top Bentley Continental is drop dead gorgeous. Sitting flush on staggered 20X8.5" and 20x10" BD-6’s, you’re sure to have paparazzi take photos wherever you roll in this beauty. These silver with polished face wheels have a great contrast against the black paint, and the lowering is completed via an air suspension lowering module. black bentley continentallowered bentley continentalblaque diamond bd-6polished face wheelsair ride modulestaggered wheels

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This beautiful Alpine White 2013 BMW 328i belongs to one of our sales reps right here at Blaque Diamond. Armen knows the recipe for simple and classy: a set of 20” BD-4 matte graphite with machined face wheels with a conservative drop using eibach lowering springs. That combination is enough to “make” this car. We love seeing it parked outside our office every day! 2013 bmw 328i lowered eibachalpine white 328iblaque diamond bd-4matte graphite wheels20" staggered wheels
This menacing Lamborghini Gallardo belongs to Coastline Motorsport. When you see this Lambo in your rear view, you’ll need to move aside. Let it pass you as it shifts from 2nd to 3rd at its 8100rpm redline and listen to the music it makes. With the matte black paint job and tinted lights, you would assume the owner was going for a sinister look. But the 20” silver BD-4 wheels are a great contrast, especially with the huge yellow calipers behind the polished spokes. matte black lamborghini gallardoblacked out gallardolamborghini gallardo with 20" wheelsblaque diamond wheelsgallardo staggered setupbrembo brakes

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One of Armen’s other cars, this 2013 Audi A5 recently made it to his collection. His recipe for simple and classy works perfectly once more, with 20” BD-4 matte graphite with machined face wheels and a conservative drop. Audi A5 with machined surface wheelsAudi A5 with 20" staggered wheelslowered audi A5blaque diamond bd-4matte graphite with machined face
This twin-turbo BMW 535i belongs to Alex, one of the partners at Blaque Diamond. Our friends over at Gintani supplied us with a 3” full exhaust which is music to our ears. Other goodies include a carbon fiber front lip, M-kit bumpers and side skirts, H&R lowering springs, and a sexy matte white wrap. Fitted on 20” BD-4 in full matte graphite, this is one of our favorite Blaque Diamond equipped cars.
bmw 535i lowered on H&R springsbmw gintani exhaustbmw m-techmatte graphite staggered wheelsmatte white wrap
blaque diamond bd-4